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Creative Sales Consulting (formerly Randy Putnam and Associates) was founded in 1981 to provide sales and marketing services for select art, craft, floral, and home decor manufacturers.  The company has evolved into a full service sales agency providing sales, marketing, and merchandising expertise to manufacturers doing business with a targeted group of mass market retailers.

How We Helped Craft Their Story

We include Creative Sales Consulting not only because they are a fantastic company to work with, but because they show how we learn and update as an agency over the years.

We initially worked with CSC under their previous name (RPA) in early 2015.  They recognized their website needed to be more consistent with their image while also planning a re-brand sometime in the next couple of years.

Fast forward to the end of 2017, and CSC is ready to bring their new face to the website.  While they had a new logo developed internally, they had not formally set up the rest of their brand identity (brand colors, fonts, etc).  In the process of reviewing these, we found their their old RPA style was not compatible with the new vision and that the current website needed more than just a color change.

This is a great example of how technology and design move hand in hand.  After upgrading the back-end server environment, we started at ground zero to create a website that truly reflected the story they had to tell.

Project Highlights:

  • Brand strategy and iteration
  • Logo fine-tuning and brand coloring
  • Website with targeted SEO, Google Analytics, and Google for Business
  •  Enterprise VPS hosting