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Girls Rock Fort Worth exists to empower girls of all backgrounds and abilities through musical education, performance and workshops in an all female oriented environment. Their goal is to provide them with a positive and supportive community of peers and mentors to enhance their self-esteem and encourage social change.

How We Helped Craft Their Story

Sarah Reagan is a close friend of ours.  We were lucky enough to be involved in the dreaming stage of GRFW, and even more fortunate to be selected to build their visual identity.  Starting with their logo (Ft Worth is known colloquially as ‘Panther City’) and then expanding to their website, merch, and advertising campaign, we have continued to partner as Girls Rock Forth has grown exponentially.  This year they have added an adult camp, and we look forward to how they will continue to positively impact the area in the future.

Project Highlights:

  • Logo and Branding Guidelines
  • Website with targeted SEO, Google Analytics and Online Applications
  • Merchandise and Advertising Collateral
  • Getting to rock out at the camper music showcase