Texas Cemeteries & Crematories Association

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TCCA was founded in 1928 to act as a liaison between cemeteries, monument dealers, the public and state and local government. In 2018 they proudly celebrated our 90th year of serving the State of Texas. TCCA receive numerous inquiries from the public every year regarding various concerns and issues relating to cemeteries and crematories. They strive to answer any questions or concerns someone may have regarding cemeteries and crematories in the State of Texas.

How We Helped Craft Their Story

Losing someone is difficult in the best of circumstances. Often though, families are caught unprepared and rely on trusted guidance to help them navigate both the personal and legal responsibilities of a death.  TCCA was formed to act as a liaison between families, governments, and facilities during times of loss by providing a hot line, answers to commonly asked questions, and helping arbitrate issues or complaints that may arise during the funeral process. They also provide membership services to the industry to help connect service providers and update organizations on changes to the law.

From a technical perspective, TCCA (formerly TCA – they recently added on ‘Crematories’) had some very complex needs.  Currently tied down by a membership service that was difficult to use and a design that was very dated, TCCA wanted to bring all of their membership management and website updates in-house.  Already happy with their branding, TCCA needed a technical design partner to bring their website into the 21st century.

Our first challenge was getting their old membership data exported off the previous system.  We then started from the ground up, designing a modern, responsive front end.  Next up was integrating a user registration system with automatic roles assignment, a members only area, membership renewal and maintenance, an online shop, event system, and more…then import all of their old data into the website.

The result is a fresh, easy to use system for both members, website administrators, and information-seekes alike.

Project Highlights:

  • Domain update/move and new fast VPS hosting
  • New responsive website with properly integrated branding
  •  Membership registration and renewal system
  • Online Payment gateway integration
  • Online Shop
  • Members-only area
  • Dynamic Membership Directories
  • Event System
  • Targeted SEO, Google Analytics, and Webmaster services