Key Peninsula Farm Tour

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The Key Peninsula Farm Tour was established in 2006. Local farmers set up a sub-committee of the Key Peninsula Community Council (KPC), and assumed responsibility for the farm tours when government funding for the program was depleted. Now under the guidance of the Kp Farm Council, the Kp Farm Tour welcomes hundreds of vistors every year to tour working farms, learn local history, and enjoy an every-growing arts and crafts fair.

How We Helped Craft Their Story

Ever since moving to the KP, our family has enjoyed the farm tour.  The roster of farms changes every year, and the participation of local craftspeople, food vendors, and living history makes each farm tour unique.  As we’ve met more of our community, we have become involved in not only helping individual farms but also given the opportunity to help refresh the entire branding and website of the Farm Tour.

Our mission began with a full branding refresh on both the Farm Tour and KP Farm Council logos.  Each needed a distinct identity that were also tied together with overarching design cues so they would complement each other on collateral.  Design guides help make sure that as new members come on board, they have an easy reference to fonts and colors.

The KP Farm Tour website receives a lot of traffic, as hundreds of people flock out to the area on self-guided stops.  Making sure that the website was mobile-friendly was a top priority, as end-users were constantly checking in for directions, food locations, music events and more.  We also moved the hosting a much more robust AWS backbone that allowed us to scale up for the main tour and back down for day-to-day activities.  A new interactive map was designed for navigation from stop-to-stop, and the website expanded with about 3 times more material than the previous site…reflecting the growth of the tour itself.

We are proud to be a trusted partner of the KP Farm Tour and Council, and invite everyone to join the wonderful Americana that happens every fall!.

Project Highlights:

  • New logo system and branding
  • Website design overhaul including new responsive design, interactive maps, and expanded content.
  • New forms and payment system with square integration for vendor registrations
  • Digital Presentation Collateral and Design Guidelines
  • Targeted SEO and Google Analytics